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Reported by: Amanda
June 15, 2003

“Determined” is one word that Alexandra Daddario says that she has in common with her character on ABC’s daytime drama All My Children. “ We both know what we want and in turn we want to go for it.”  Daddario was cast in the role of sweet and innocent teen Laurie Lewis during the fall of 2002. Even though Laurie is Alexandra’s first daytime role, she has glowing remarks about being on daytime. “ The actors (on the show and daytime) are truly amazing and I am thoroughly enjoying and blessed to be working in this medium and on All My Children.”

“ I have learned so much working on the show and everyone of my co-stars is amazing.” So does Alexandra have anyone that she credits to being a mentor for her on the show?  “ Wow there is so many… I recently had the opportunity to work with Julia Barr (Brooke) for the first time; she is such an amazing woman and she is very very supportive of me, also Michael Knight (Tad) is amazing and very supportive too.

In today’s society, while most 17 year olds are working in pizza or burger joints with hopes and dreams of bigger and better things, Alexandra Daddario is making that happen. “ I have an agent and a manager and I was sent out for the role of Laurie which was supposed to only be one or two episodes, but they decided to write me into the script and give me a storyline with JR Chandler.” So was Alexandra thrilled when she won the role of Laurie? “ Oh I was sooo thrilled when I found out I had been chosen for the role of Laurie, it was my first big part…. (Laughing) I started screaming to my mother and then called all my friends.”

So know that JR Chandler has sailed of out Laurie’s life, Alexandra has been sharing a lot of screen time with Micah Alberti who plays JR’s stepbrother Jamie Martin.  “ Micah is an amazing guy and I LOVE working with him, he makes everything a lot more fun as do Amanda (Seyfried, Joanie) and Michael (Jordan, Reggie).”  Even though Andrew Ridings who played Laurie’s love interest JR Chandler is no longer on the show, she has nothing but kind words to say about him and her other cast mates.  “ Andrew he was a really nice guy and we worked very well together, I have been really lucky to work with such great people.”

Recently it appears as if the writers may be testing a pairing between Laurie and Jamie on the show and fans seem to be getting behind this couple. “ I would love to see this happen and would love to have a storyline (a love story) develop between Laurie and Jamie.”

We have recently been treated to the female bonding and friendship that the girls of Fusion have begun to share, but what the friendship between Laurie and Joanie?? “ Yeah, I would have love to have a storyline between Joanie and Laurie… I would have also loved to have seen the writers develop a triangle between Jamie, Laurie and Joanie as well.”

So if Alex could write the character of Laurie for one month, how would she write her?  “(Laughing) I would definitely make Laurie more of a bitch and give her a lot more personality.”

Fans may think that being a daytime teen is glamorous, but it is definitely a lot harder than what you think. “ We usually get a morning call or an afternoon call, if we get a morning call it is usually around 7:30 or 8am… we get hair and make up and then block our scenes. Then we will run our scenes and then go to tape our scenes and with that we will usually run our scenes, do a block and then finally tape our scenes and then we are usually done by 2 or 3pm, but then we have other things to

The other thing that Daddario refers to is what most teens her age does and that is go to school.  “ Most of us are 17 or 18, so when we get done filming our scenes we have to do homework or go to our schools and meet with our teachers.. I currently attend a professional children’s school, my teachers will fax me notes, tests, etc so they are very understanding and accommodating with our schedule.”

As little soap fans, we dream about attending a live daytime Emmy Show and this year Alexandra’s dream came true. “ I loved it, it was my first Emmy’s actually, it was so much fun and I had an absolutely amazing time, all the dresses were so gorgeous.”

In closing Alexandra has this advice for any of you wanting to get involved in daytime. “ First of all, acting lessons and learning as much as you can…once you are in the business you need to devote yourself to this business because it does take a lot of work and most of all keep working and working at it.”
























        Like with any job, working on daytime does have its share of challenges. “ Its very fast paced which can be very difficult…you have to be ready to go…sometimes you are filming 30 or more pages of work per day, but doing this on a daily basis has taught me to be a lot more responsible, as well as teaching me a lot about this business.”  So what reward’s does Alexandra find with being on daytime??? “ It has taught me so much about working in a fast paced environment,




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