Queen Of Harts

And that is exactly what Alicia Minshew is among her fans. Relax and enjoy as Alicia and I dish about Kendall, her loves, and the upcoming vacation that has Minshew ecstatic.


Okay soap fans, let me ask you a question. How does a small town Florida girl end up on one of daytime’s hottest shows playing the coveted role of a daytime legend’s daughter? Do you think you know the answer? Well if you don’t just ask All My Children’s Alicia Minshew (or Lish to her friends and this interview per her request).

Ever since joining the AMC cast in January of 2002, Minshew has been wowing viewers with her portrayal of misunderstood Kendall Hart, a role she took over from Sarah Michelle Gellar.  

“She is a hard character to play,” Minshew admits about her onscreen persona. She continues, “when I first came on the show I was a little off….I had never done daytime before, had never watched the show so I was not familiar with Sarah Michelle’s portrayal of Kendall…I was a newer actress and really, really green and it took me a while to delve into the character and find out who she really was and to make her more real and vulnerable.”

However, there is an old saying “You’ve come along way baby,” and that is a saying that surely echoes through Minshew’s mind as she enters her fifth year playing the role of cosmetic mogul, Kendall Hart Slater. “Now I feel like I love Kendall so much, she has become part of me,” Minshew says. “I find myself sticking up for her and defending her….the character means a lot to me on a personal level and it’s nice to see the fans enjoying Kendall as much as I enjoy playing her.”

Well, would you be surprised if I told you that not even Minshew had a clue that she was auditioning for the role of Erica Kane’s first born when the casting call came to her agent. “No, I honestly had no clue I was auditioning for the role of Kendall,” she shares. 

“I had auditioned for several roles on All My Children several times and thank god the casting director saw something in me….Judy Wilson (AMC casting director) called me up one day and said ‘we are casting a part that we think you would be excellent for,’ Minshew recalls. “At the time, the role was being called Candy because they were keeping it incognito…Wilson told me she wanted me to come in and just be my fun, sassy self, be strong, be sassy, do what you always do,” she recounts with a joyful laugh, one that I would hear throughout this interview.

But it was not until after the screen test that Minshew found out the role was actually for Kendall Hart. “Judy pulled me into a room after my screen test and told me, ‘I want you to know that the role is for Susan Lucci’s daughter Kendall who was originally played by Sarah Michelle Gellar’….and then I got so nervous and thought I don’t know if I can do this and Wilson said…that I had a pretty good shot at the role, to which I thought ehhhhh she’s just kissing my butt,” says Minshew with a laugh. But Judy Wilson was right, Minshew did have a pretty good shot at the role of Kendall and was actually called back for yet another screen test, this time opposite one of the show’s hunky leading males. 

“I screen tested opposite of Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo),” reveals an excited Minshew.  “I always tell people that I truly believe one of the reasons why I got this part was Josh…..he made me feel so comfortable and I had so much fun playing with him and I was just able to let go, forget I was screen testing and just throw myself into the part…whatever I did was good and they liked me….I started 3 days after I screen tested,” says Minshew

And the one thing that soap fans may not realize is that typically when you test opposite of one of the show’s leading males, they are typically planning on them being your love interest…..but not in this case. Duhamel made his mark being paired opposite of then Greenlee, Rebecca Budig while Minshew’s Kendall caught the eyes of Ryan Lavery, Aidan Devane, Michael Cambias, Ethan Ramsey and Zach Slater. But it was Minshew’s pairing with former PC alum Thorsten Kaye that has catapulted her into the realm of hottest and most popular super couples, with front and center status.  When I told Alicia that I was one fan who would definitely enjoy seeing Zendall every day on my screen…well it just made her day.  “Oh my god…I love hearing that,” she says excitedly

“I absolutely love playing opposite Thorsten,” Minshew says. “He is so great and we have such a blast with one another.” And it appears as if that good time carries over to their onscreen marriage. Let’s not forget that Zach and Kendall’s matrimonial road has been bumpy at times over the last year, but all in all it appears as if these two are finally about to find some happiness and celebrate (along with the fans) the birth of the Zendall baby.  “Now that Kendall is pregnant with Zach’s child…I am just thrilled,” Minshews shares. 

“There was a part of me that kept saying, gosh I wish Zach and Kendall could have a baby. Now that Kendall is pregnant I think it is just perfect. She has a child with the man who is and always will be her friend and now she has a child on the way with the love of her life…it is very exciting.”

For all you Zendall fans that are holding onto to that glimmer of hope that somehow and someway, little Spike will be revealed to be Zach’s child, not Ryan’s don’t hold your breath. “I have had a lot of fans email me with this question,” she says. “I do hope that the show will keep Spike as Ryan’s because there is so much history with Kendall and Ryan…..that history was there way before Zach was even in the picture. Ryan was the first person that Kendall met in Pine Valley, and again she was going to have the baby technically for Greenlee, so there is a history there…so I feel like that if Spike is Ryan’s baby then it links Kendall to this wonderful history that she has.”

And speaking of Greenlee, even though Minshew would’ve loved to see her best friend, Rebecca Budig return to the role (and she was approached about it according to Minshew), Alicia has nothing but wonderful things to say about current Greenlee portrayer, Sabine Singh. “I’ve filmed scenes with Sabine and I must say she is phenomenal, she really captures the true essence and mannerisms of Greenlee.” 

So with a front burner storyline, being part of one of the show’s core families and upcoming fan club events, I bet you are wondering if Minshew ever gets a chance to slow down and just rest and relax?

Well for 4 days in November Minshew will get the opportunity.  “November in the Bahamas…heck yeah,” says an excited Minshew.  By now you‘ve read the many exclusive interviews on the main page of SoapTownUSA of various daytime stars who are scheduled to set sail from Miami for 4 days of fun in the sun and mingling with daytime fans. Minshew and fellow AMC co-star, Cameron Mathison will be joining 8 of daytime’s hottest stars for the first annual soap cruise. “I am so excited,” says Minshew. “I am looking forward to a vacation, just resting, relaxing and meeting and mingling with the fans and the other stars that will be on this trip as well.”

So how did a busy lady like Minshew become part of this high seas adventure? “Uhhh that would be thanks to Cameron,” she says with a laugh. “Cameron came up to me and told me that a friend of his by the name of Michael Gold would be contacting me about this soap cruise that the 2 of them sorta created, it was something similar to super soap weekend but more of a vacation for the fans with 10 of their favorite soap stars,” Minshew says. 

“The cruise will be broken up so that the fans and stars can do their own thing, but there would be scheduled times for brunches, question and answer sessions, just fun times with the soap stars,” she shares.  “Cameron then told me that Michael would be contacting me because they were choosing 2 people from each show and he said you’re my first choice, which I thought was great because Cameron and I are very, very close friends.  I spoke to this guy Mike and he says ‘word has it you’re a very popular character and Cameron Mathison loves you and you’ve gotten a great response from the fans.”

When Gold asked Minshew if she would participate in the cruise….“Okay, I get to go on a cruise in November when it’s cold in New York to a bunch of beautiful places, with one of my best friends and a bunch of other great soap people and I get to bring my boyfriend with me and interact with fans (which Minshew says she loves by the way) and spend half the day doing our own thing and the other half mingling with the fans….well I just thought it was the best of both worlds and I just could not say no,” reveals Minshew. 

The wonderfully talented and popular star is already packing her bags and ready to hop aboard Carnival Cruise Lines Imagination for some fun in the sun.  If you’d like to join Alicia, Cameron Mathison and 8 other of daytime’s hottest and favorite stars visit for information and to purchase your tickets.  Hurry though, this cruise is selling out fast and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to sip those fruity drinks with your favorite stars!

I would like to thank Lish for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to us at Soaptown. Also, I want to give a huge thank you to Cindy of Collins PR who made this interview happen. 



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