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Nearly a year after introducing the mysterious Patrick Lockhart, Days of Our Lives' Brody Hutzler unmasks the man behind the mystery.

The first thing you noticed about Patrick Lockhart is that we didn't know much about him. Did he get caught up in some sinister plot, or is he really a good guy?

The first thing I noticed about Brody Hutzler is just how thrilled he is to be on Days of Our Lives. So sit back and enjoy my exclusive chat with Salem's puzzling Patrick, Brody Hutzler.

Ian Brody Hutzler was born in Alaska on May 21 and moved all over the country during his childhood. "I was an Air Force brat," he laughs. Attending junior and senior high school in Long Island, New York the family finally settled down in Los Angeles, California. The acting bug bit after doing a school production of Romeo and Juliet in the 8th grade. "My English teacher is from New York, and you know, thought I was good at it (acting)," Hutzler says. "He said I should probably consider acting at some point in my life and I always took that to heart. When I finally had the opportunity to give it a shot, I did!"

Pursuing a college education, Hutzler attended Michigan State University on a lacrosse scholarship and majored in biology. He eventually left school to return to California to begin his acting career. Would he ever go back and get that degree? "Yeah, I've kicked it around a little bit, actually," he admits, "I got my transcripts from the colleges I went to because I'd transferred to Cal State Northridge for a little while. I probably only have about a half a year of school left to graduate. At some point, I'll start taking classes again and start working on it, just to do it."

For right now however, Hutzler is just enjoying being on the soap. After appearing on Guiding Light as Zachary and The Young and the Restless as Cody, the handsome actor still finds himself in awe of his veteran co-stars at Days. "They are some of the best people, " he enthuses, "When I met Kristian Alfonso (Hope), she's really, like one of the coolest people I've ever met, period. So, it's just a pleasure to go to work." Being front burner on the show doesn't leave much time for a personal life but Hutzler says, "I make time. It's not that big a deal. You know there are some weeks that I work five days a week and I don't have the time, and the weeks that I work two days and, you know, you can make the time! So, I think the life of a soap actor is a great one. Yeah, there's all the work with memorizing your lines and showing up to work, but you also have a lot of free time. And the hours are such that you sometimes don't work until the afternoon, or you work in the morning and you're home by the afternoon. I really enjoy it, I think it's a great place to be!"

What does he find the time to do? Boxing and keeping that buff body we see on screen healthy and fit. "I kind of just let the day take me where it takes me, " Brody shares, " If I feel like driving down to the beach, or if I feel like sitting at home I'll sit home. I don't have a lot of plans. I just kind of go with what feels right. You know my life is structured enough with work that when I don't have to do anything I just kind of let it happen." He stops himself, laughing and adds, "I sound like a hippie, don't I?" He does find the time for one passion - soccer. "I watch a lot of soccer," he confesses. He also began playing again thanks to co-star and fellow soccer nut Jason Cook (Shawn). "He's a good soccer player, the actor shares. " In fact, I started playing with him. That's why I started playing again. I've been playing with him on his team." Also occasionally getting the kick on with Hutzler is his neighbor, Thad Luckinbill (JT, The Young and the Restless). 

Finding the time to assist charities that he holds dear is important to the busy actor.  "Breast cancer's a big one for me," he says somberly, "I mean cancer in general is a big one for me. Violence against women is another big one for me, and pediatric AIDS." But Hutzler admits that he will pitch in for pretty much any worthy charity, but "cancer, violence and pediatric AIDS are big ones, my main three."

The attention turns to one Patrick Lockhart and I asked his portrayer what he would like to see happen to Patrick. "What's happening is good," Hutzler says.  "I'd like to see him remain mysterious though, and a little edgy so you're not quite sure. I think we all know that he's a good guy inside, deep down inside. But I like the idea of him know, you're not always quite sure, because I think it would be a little boring if he were just this nice, nice guy. There are just so many things that can happen. I just hope it remains interesting and fun!" What about a romantic entanglement, say for instance, Billie? "We have a good thing together, " he says of Julie Pinson (Billie) and adds, "We have a nice chemistry; she's a good actress and we have fun working together, and that'd be great!" Anyone else Hutzler would like to see in the cards for Patrick? "I have a really nice thing with Missy Reeves (Jennifer) and I have a really nice chemistry with Kristian (Alfonso, Hope) also. I think I could work with a lot of people!" he exclaims. "I've had a few scenes with Arianne (Zuker, Nicole), and I think there are a lot of ways it could go... Hey! How about Patrick and Marlena?" Patrick and Marlena? That's a pairing that never occurred to me, but Hutzler gushes, "That would be fun!"

One performer he would like more scenes with is his on-screen sister, Farah Fath (Mimi). "I think we had a nice couple of scenes," he reflects, "When we have scenes together, they're nice and I know the fans like that. So that would be fun. You know, I'd like to work with everybody! So far, so good..."

Is there anything interesting in store for Patrick? " I don't know much more than you do," he confesses. "I think he is going to be heading off with Hope to Europe to look for Billie and Bo," Hutzler previews, " and I don't know what's going to happen there." Some of Patrick's future storyline was laid out by (head writer) Jim Reilly and Hutzler teases, "I'm imagining that it's Jennifer and Jack, and it's Billie, Bo and Hope and possibly Billie and Georgia. Who knows?"

It's no secret that fans of Days of Our Lives are getting very discouraged with their show. Uneven storytelling seems to be the order of the day, and getting fans to tune in has proven to be a major feat. Why should viewers keep watching? It's a question I put to the committed actor and he had this to say: "I think, from what I'm seeing, I think they're bringing it back down to more reality-based relationships and storylines."  Thoughtfully adding,  "I don't know that for sure but it seems like it's coming back around to a little more realism, a little more character-driven stuff." Does this mean no more castles, and islands and other mysteries? "I think the island was a big, big thing... It seems like when the people start coming back to Salem, it will be more based on the triangles that are developing and relationships and things like that."

Hutzler's talent, enthusiasm, not to mention good looks and great chemistry with so many established Days characters has quickly made him a viewer favorite. Whatever happens one thing is certain, Patrick Lockhart will be in the thick of it! For Brody Hutzler's fans that's very good news.

I would like to thank Brody Hutzler for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview and thank you to Charles Sherman for setting it up.


Photos are courtesy of Brody Hutzler's Official Web Site.


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