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     Happy Father’s Day….or Not…


Finally, someone at Y&R picked up a former storyline and is running with it. Here’s hoping Michael’s search for and discovery of his father leads to some great, touching and emotional storytelling, something Y&R has been known for.


Well for all you who’ve emailed me, someone at Sony/CBS read your statements and is revisiting a storyline that was seemingly dropped earlier on. Ever since we were reintroduced to dashing attorney Michael Baldwin (and later his quirky family) viewers wanted to know more about his past and his life outside of Genoa City. When mama Glo and half brother Kevin arrived, we were finally able to gain some insight into what made Michael tick and why he acted or should we say reacted the way that he did at times. 

Heck, viewers rejoiced and some even fell deeper in love with Michael once he entered into a relationship/marriage with fashion mogul, Lauren Fenmore. Finally, Michael was becoming an established character on Y&R, was given roots, tied into a core family (The Abbott's) and even started his own family with Lauren when son Fenmore, AKA Fen made his debut into the world. The planets must’ve been falling into line as it appeared as if Michael’s life was finally complete. However, their was something missing. 

From the moment Gloria arrived in Genoa City, Michael was wanting answers and wanted to know as much information that he could about his biological father. All his inquires set what has the potential to be a GREAT and much deserved storyline for Christian LeBlanc into motion. Yes my darlings you read it right, I said (or typed rather) a much deserved and LONG overdue storyline for Christian LeBlanc. I understand that Y&R has a large cast (like many shows currently airing on daytime) and I also understand the need to rotate many of these storylines (and performers) in order to give balance to a particular show. However, the one thing I just cannot seem to fathom is why our daytime shows insist pushing its talented performers (and storylines viewers want to see for that matter) to the le backburner? 

Like many other viewers (and Michael/Lauren fans) I was interested (okay and excited) when this storyline originally began months ago. I was hoping that Michael’s search to find his father would provide us viewers with an action packed, fun, entertaining and yet emotional storyline. How would Michael’s search affect his marriage to Lauren and his relationship with his son? Would he spend so much time and energy into searching for his proud papa that his marriage and his law practice would suffer?  What schemes would Gloria pull, to keep her son away from discovering the truth and whereabouts of her former hubby?

Ahhh yes, these could definitely be some interesting elements to intertwine within this storyline. But what if Michael had uncovered an unknown tidbit about Gloria and was the child of an unbeknownst Genoa City resident? Right about the time Cane was revealed to be the real Chancellor heir, viewers wondered (and even thought) what an interesting twist it would’ve been had Michael Baldwin been discovered as the real Phillip Chancellor the third. Could you imagine Jill’s shock when she found out that her biological son was actually raised by Gloria! Hmmm, something tells me that definitely would’ve been an interesting twist to the storyline while adding even more fuel to the Jill/Gloria feud. 

Unfortunately, none of those scenarios happened but the current writing regime has revisited this storyline once again and chose to introduce Michael’s father in an interesting way. We all are aware that Michael’s half-brother, Kevin wed his true love Jana Hawkes in what was an entertaining, quirky wedding for the residents of Genoa City. As with all soap opera weddings, we knew that their was bound to a twist.  What we did not expect was that the person presiding over Kevin and Jana’s wedding would end being Michael’s biological daddy. 

The look on Gloria’s face when she realized his true identity was priceless and assured viewers that they might just be in for a wild and entertaining time as this storyline progressed. Sony even made a wiser move by casting primetime star Michael Gross (the dad from Family Ties) in the role. Now comes the interesting part. Will Michael and his father come to accept one another and welcome the other one into their lives? What will viewers discover about his father and his life away from Michael and outside of Genoa City over all these years. 

And what about Gloria? Does she have any unresolved feelings for her former hubby?  What a shock that would be if he revealed that he and Glo were still husband and wife, after all these years. Could a triangle with Gloria in the middle be on the horizon or will Michael’s papa catch the eyed of say Jill Abbott? And what about getting to know his grandson? What impact would his presence in Genoa City have on Michael and Lauren’s marriage and their happy little family?

Ohhhh something tells me that the upcoming holiday season should be quite an interesting one in the Baldwin household.  Which family members will be sitting around the table and happily breaking bread with one another? Hmmm, only time will tell…….

What do you think about the show revisiting Michael’s search for his father? Do you think it is a long overdue storyline?? How would you like to see this storyline progress and play out? Click on the email link below and send the diva your thoughts?




Happy End of the Summer my dears! Now that fall is around the corner, let’s hope that the cooler temps and calmer weather are too!  However, there is one thing that I would like to see heating up……Y&R and the rest of our favorite daytime dramas. Most of the time, the fall brings out some very emotional and thought provoking storylines, in order to capture the viewers and climb in the ratings and ultimately win fall sweeps. What do Bell and Sheffer have in story for the residents of Genoa City this fall? Well I guess we will just have to stay tuned and find out. 

“I am a HUGE fan of the Nick and Phyllis pairing on Y&R and I would love for the writers to write a storyline for them that does not involve Jack or Sharon. This Restless Style storyline is completely dumb because no way would an ex want to work with another ex, especially after the ways these two couples ended their relationships. I think the writers have a goldmine in Nick and Phyllis and Michele Stafford has proven time and time again she can knock anything the writers give her out of the ball park.”  Reader Denise.




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