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Saturday, July 21 , 2012

The GH Cast Luncheon: See our separate coverage of the main event….

Steve Burton (Jason) followed up lunch with his own event:
• Burton relayed that no matter where he goes, he still gets comments about “Jasam” vs. “Liason,” which is just fine with him. “I am not saying a word,” he smiled. “I don't say a word, brother. Uh, uh [laughs]. But seriously, I think it’s great when we can sit and talk about the fact that there’s a fan base for two very different couples. Besides the fact that they've been so supportive, they've given so much to charity in our names. That just blows me away! You can get on the message boards and see Liz/Jason haters and Sam/Jason haters. Whatever. But you don’t always see that they've given a lot in the name of charity. These fans are some of the most giving people I've ever met, so kudos to them for that.”


It only seemed right that Maurice Benard (Sonny) followed with his own event:
* Most memorable moment? “I had my dog come on stage,” Benard chuckled. “I had this guy I found in Venice sing with [son] Joshua, and it was just amazing. The family touch was really nice. I just felt so relaxed. The energy was fantastic. There was none of that negativity. It was just great!”

The boys from the North, Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) and Jason Thompson (Patrick), hosted an evening event filled with laughter that went waaaaayyyyyy into the wee hours:
• “It’s going to be a long night if we start singing ‘Oh, Canada’ so soon, quipped Zamprogna about a request for the guys to perform their national anthem.
• While Thompson admitted he was a fan of HBO’s THE NEWSROOM, Zamprogna added, “It’s not bad, but no one talks like that.”
• Zamprogna also revealed that when it comes to nicknames, “[Steve] Burton used to call me ‘Chachi’ a lot.”
• Thompson nodded that he still missed working with Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin), saying, “When you work that closely with someone, you share things that you don’t share with anybody else in the world.”

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday morning began with Breakfast with Haley Pullos (Molly) and Friends, who included Lindsey Morgan (Kristina), Krys Meyer (ex-T.J.) and Aaron Refvem (ex-Morgan).
• Haley told fans that while she was happy for her co-star Krys’s success in landing a new Nickelodeon series, at the same time, she’ll really miss her on-screen bud.  Meyer echoed Haley’s sentiment.
• Aaron wowed the crowd with his voice when he crooned a couple of tunes, including Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You” and Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.”
• Want to know Lindsay’s favorite guilty indulgence? “I like to read the really trashy gossip magazines — all of them. And, there’s no filter; everything from like the crazy UFO sightings [laughs]! I just think they’re really fun.”

A pajama-clad Ronnie Marmo (ex-Ronnie) followed with “Coffee, Cake & Conversation with Ronnie Marmo” in the hotel’s Green Room.
* “I’m one of those guys who’s surprised if anybody comes,” grinned Marmo of his full house. “We had a lot of laughs. It was a great vibe. It was intimate. It was just perfect — and based from people I’ve run into since, they thought it went really well. We raised a lot of money for the theater [www.theatre68.com], and every dime goes straight to 68, so I thought it was a huge success.”
*  What’s up next for him? “We’re trying to get [his one-man show] ‘Lenny Bruce Is Back (And Boy Is He Pissed)’ to Broadway. That’s the dream. I’m working towards that, but you know me, I’m always juggling stuff [laughs]!”

Kelly Monaco (Sam) hosted her own daytime event this year:
• Monaco mentioned that she was looking forward to being reunited with her real-life pal and DIRTY SOAP co-star Kirsten Storms (Maxie) on the set.
• Stating that while she doesn’t want to upset the “Jasam” fans, Kelly admitted she was thrilled to be working with her former PORT CHARLES paramour, Michael Easton (McBain) again.

Across the lodge, Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Chad Duell (Michael) also had a meet-and-greet:
• Duell noted he’s come a long way from his first FCW. “The first year it was just, ‘Bang, bang,' " he recalls. “It was kind of a blur. Then, the first time I did one of my own events, I was nervous beyond recognition. This year I’m doing it with Kristen, so I’ve had a little more experience with it. It’s exciting to be here with all the fans. They’re the soaps’ lifeline, so it’s always fun to get to meet them.”
• Alderson let fans know how she was adjusting to her new LIFE, saying, “I still live with my brother [Eddie Alderson, ex-Matthew, OLTL] so I still see him everyday, so that’s nice,” she winked. “I grew up on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and that was an amazing experience. It was definitely a big move in my life, but L.A. couldn’t be any better than it is. I love the weather. I love this cast and crew. They’ve been so welcoming to me. It’s been an incredibly positive experience.”
• Duell relayed that he’s looking forward to Johnny’s big secret finally coming out. “I think it’s ready to come out,” he nodded. “Michael’s going to be angry, obviously, how Johnny schemed around it and blamed Michael’s father. It’s going to be so good to play, especially for Kristen, finding out this guy she trusted killed her family — although in reality, he didn’t set out to do that. He tried to kill Anthony; Anthony swerved and he killed them. It wasn’t premeditated or planned. If Anthony had swerved another way, things would have been different. It’s going to be intense when it comes out. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Tamara Braun (ex-Carly) returned to her Port Charles stomping grounds to give fans an update on what’s new with her. Though she won an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy in 2009 as Ava on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GH-ers fondly remember her as Carly #2 from 2001-05. Here’s the latest from the actress herself:
• She’s been hat shopping — in a manner of speaking:  “I’ve taken over this producing role now,” Braun explained, “of this play I was in in Tennessee over the summer. It got extended and then during that extension, there was some interest from some fantastic people, one being the Kennedy Center. There’s also interest from some people in New York, so I’ve taken on this role [as a producer] that’s so different, and I like it. And, I have been asked to direct some things. What I’ve realized is that I want to produce or act or direct, but to wear all those hats at once? That takes some real concentration and some practice. That’s three hats and you’ve only got one head [laughs].”
• Who does she talk to from her GH days? “From the old gang, Cyndy Preston [ex-Faith] and I are still close. We talk on the phone and Skype and catch up. It’s been a while but Alicia Leigh Willis [ex-Courtney] and I still talk. I saw Ronnie Marmo here this weekend when he was leaving and I was arriving.  We did a film together. It changes when you’re not in people’s lives every day.”
• Would she do another soap? “I love soap. I am so grateful. I never say never. It just has to be the right timing and the right role.”

Nathin Butler (Ewen) continued to entertain the fans, this time with his own solo event:
• Surprisingly (not!), several fans asked the good-looking Aussie about having shirtless scenes. “Oh, really?” Butler recalled. “Luckily, they give me some advance notice when I have to take my shirt off, like a
week or two, so I have a little time to prepare. They usually tell the actors when they’ve got a love scene or something, so that’s nice of them to give us a little bit of time to get in shape. Even so, I like to try and stay in shape. Maurice and Chad and Dominic like to box, so we do some boxing training. That seems to be helping.”


Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) & Brandon Barash (Johnny) shared some B&B wine (really, that was its name!) with fans at their own Q&A event:
• “The Jackal P.I. story was fun just because it was a challenge for me and I got to wear clothes that fit,” quipped Anderson. “It’s fun to go off in a different direction but it’s always nice to come back home to
my geeky self.”
• When asked about Johnny’s busy love life over the years, Barash smiled, “Johnny is the village unicycle [laughs].”
• When asked about who Spinelli should be paired with next, the guys came up with a brand new couple’s nickname: “Spilexis!”


The Weekend ended with an evening of Karaoke with more than a dozen GH
stars — and special AMC guests Bobbi Eakes (Krystal), Jill Larson
(Opal) and Stephanie Gatschet (Madison).

* The AMC gals relayed that Eakes hadn’t seen Gatschet since their last day of taping, and that at last year’s karaoke night, Larson sang “Bad Girls” to Eakes’ Krystal — very pointedly!
* Duell was ready to let loose, shouting, “Let’s all embarrass ourselves, especially me because I’m just a big goofball.”
• Kodi Kitchen (ex-Maggie) revealed a new side of herself, sharing, “Is anyone going to sing country music, because I am a huge country fan!”
• Andrea Bogart (ex-Abby) beamed, “It’s nice to see a lot of you again! Thanks for coming out! As you all probably remember, I sing terribly but I’m a heck of a back-up dancer, so I’m in. If you need a backup dancer, I’m your chica!”
• “This is so awesome,” raved Rebeka Montoya (Delores) of the night. “I’ve been looking forward to this event all weekend long because we can just get silly and pretend we’re the rock stars that we all are and rock the house!”

Monday, July 23, 2012

But, the weekend wasn’t over just yet…. Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky) hosted a farewell breakfast.  But, due to a change in the actor’s filming schedule for the Hallmark Original Movie, “Two In” (starring opposite DAYS’s Alison Sweeney), the event was bumped up to 6:30 a.m.!  Still, that didn’t stop loyal fans from getting the coffee started:
• Vaughan spoke of joining DAYS as Eric this fall: “For all good reasons, good things come to those who wait,” he smiled. “I did read for it. I had no qualms whatsoever about going in and auditioning for it … I tested for some other things … Then Greg called Greg [laughs]. Greg Meng [executive in charge of production] called. It’s a big deal. I’m happy to go to Salem. It’s a great town. I am so honored to be playing this role and working together again with Ali.”
• Who knew? When Lucky dated Sam, Vaughan had a nickname for Philadelphia native Kelly Monaco: “My Little Philly Cheesesteak.”
• When asked about he and wife Touriya’s day-to-day life with three young sons, Vaughan quipped: “My beds are overflowing with children, and my wife is not pregnant. I am pos-i-tive, and if that’s any different, I know it’s not mine and Sonny has been at my house [laughs].”

Well, there you have it, soap fans!  Thanks for re-living our favorite weekend of the year with us — and from the entire Soaptown U.S.A. gang, “We’ll see ya next year!”

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