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This month, As The World Turns fans celebrated the return of Terri Colombino as the spunky and endearing Katie Frasier. During her absence, Colombino took on the role of a lifetime - becoming a mom. Join us as she fills us in on her alter ego Katie, motherhood and what it was like to get real on "A Baby Story."


Terri Colombino was up to great things during her  absence from As The World Turns this summer; on July 8th, Terri and her husband Artie welcomed their first child Julia Catherine into the world.

While in the midst of preparing for the arrival their little bundle of joy, Terri and Artie welcomed viewers of TLC's "A Baby Story" along for the ride.  "They actually came to the house a couple of times before when I was pregnant" explains Terri, "and talked to us about our expectations and what we were excited about or scared about."  Colombino's vocation as an actress provided an interesting and unique opportunity that strayed from the reality series' regular fare. "They did a fun thing where I went shopping for an Emmy dress - because itís not as easy to find a pretty maternity dress as it is to find a regular outfit." The episode of a "Baby Story" also featured clips of her preparing for and arriving at the annual awards show. 

Cameras followed the expecting family right up to the big day. "They were there during the labor. The hospital that I was at didnít allow them to film the actual birth." explains Colombino. "We were miked but they couldnít film but they were there for some of the pushing which was interesting! Then of course they came afterward Ė I think she was about 6 weeks old as a follow up. That was fun.  My mom was in town and Artieís parents were there and his sister Ė so that was fun." The Baby Story experience also helped Colombino develop the fine art of capturing those all important family moments on film. "We had to take some video on our own," explains Colombino. "It just got me in the habit of having the video camera there and just ready to roll whenever we see something cute!"

Family has always been important to Colombino and the new experience of being a mother has reinforced and strengthened the ties with her mother, Cathy Conn (seen at right with Terri). "Weíve always been extremely close," acknowledges Colombino. "I guess itís made me appreciate her more Ė she keeps asking me ĎDo you see how much I love you now?í and I always say well I always thought that before - but I do appreciate it more. You just canít describe that love, itís so overwhelming. Sometimes itís too much." 

Colombino wholeheartedly embraces the new adventure of motherhood, stating "It is a drastic change. People can tell you that but they canít prepare you for it."  Time away from her busy schedule as an actress made little Julia's arrival even more special. "Luckily I had three months off - her first three months of life," enthuses Colombino. "So I really got a chance to get to know her and bond, and sleep! Now I am back to work and itís hard.  I havenít been away from her for this long yet Ė it kind of makes me sad." Colombino finds comfort in knowing that baby Julia is home in daddy's capable hands. "Heís amazing," marvels Colombino about her husband Artie. "I already know that sheís my big competition for his affection. And sheíll always win Iím sure," Colombino adds with a laugh but quickly reassures, "No Ė heís good with me too!  Itís been so like a dream the past three months because weíve gotten to spend so much time together and itís such a new life for us.  Weíve fallen even more in love.  Itís great." 

Christmas for the Colombinos will be extra special this year as they prepare for their daughter's first holiday season. "It will be so fun!" Colombino says excitedly. "I donít know what weíre going to do this year.  I would like to go back to Albuquerque which is where I am from because we havenít been back in a couple years.  But we donít have a lot of time this year and also itís her first Christmas so I want both sets of grandparents to be able to be with her. Itís my favorite holiday ever and I want to make it hers too. My parents always did so many special things and just made it such a beautiful time of year."   

Even at a young age, Colombino always new that acting would be a part of her future.  "Yeah, I think itís always been there," recounts Colombino. "I got into it when I was pretty young Ė I was about 6 or 7.  I did a childrenís theatre.  Then I would get interested in something else and then it would come back.  Itís always been back and forth into my life."  It was during a semester spent studying abroad, that the actress decided to get serious about making a career out of the acting craft.  "I was in Florence for a semester," remembers Colombino. "One of the girls that I lived with there, that was going to school with me had taken a video production class and they had to do a mock Italian film and she was an actress too and she was so good and I went to see the film to support her.  She was so good in it and I was so jealous - I thought, ĎOkay this is definitely what I want to do, when I am done with this semester, I am going to go back to San Diego, go up to LA and get in an acting classí.  Itís pretty much history from there.Ē

That history includes many memorable moments on As The World Turns as fan favorite Katie Frasier. When it comes to pinpointing her most challenging moments playing Katie, after a long pause, Colombino states, "Probably the most challenging and fulfilling was the storyline with Margo when I gave her half my liver. Unfortunately the story didnít last too long for us to really delve into it too deeply. It was challenging because I have never had a loved one be that close to death.  To be the one that makes that decision to help them and keep them alive, you know, is pretty big.  So, it was hard for me to really get into that and understand it but really fulfilling too because it touched a lot of people.

Now that Katie has returned after a brief absence, will fans see a change in the spunky heroine?  "I think that the experiences that sheís endured have definitely changed her," speculates Colombino. "And being far away has given an opportunity to look at her life from a different perspective. So, sheís changed in that way, but sheís still the same old Katie." Now that she is back, look for her to be shaking up the life of lost love Mike Kasnoff who Colombino assures is "a lot of the reason why she comes back." 

An interview with Terri Colombino would not be complete without asking about her time on the teen series "Breaker High".  "That was my first big role and it was the best!" remembers Colombino.  "I lived in Vancouver for nine months. I am still really close with all of those cast members." Even back then, it was apparent to Colombino that costar Ryan Gosling was bound for great things. "The minute I met him when he was 16 years old," recalls Colombino. "He was so talented and professional and amazing.  We all knew back then."   But things weren't all fun and games back then for the talented actress. "It was a hard job," confirms Colombino. "They really worked us to the bone but we didnít care. It was our first big job, we were excited and we were living on our own and acting on a show.  I am really proud of it Ė it is what it is Ė itís a kidís show but for what it is, I think itís one of the best."


Life couldn't be better for Terri Colombino; a successful career, a wonderful family and the support of incredible fans who Terri acknowledges with great appreciation. "Thank you for the well wishes." states the grateful actress. "Itís such and emotional, beautiful time and itís nice to know that people get to feel that too." 


SoaptownUSA would sincerely like to thank Terri Colombino for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with us.  Additional thanks goes out to Jennifer for arranging this interview.


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