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Updated February March 21st

ALL MY CHILDREN: TPTB are pulling out all the stops for Palmer's funeral. Nina and Daisy will be returning and Adam will realize life is too short and his present wife is a pain in the ass. Adam leaves Pine Valley with Brooke who will go off into the sunset so to speak. But what about Palmer's other relatives? Bobby Warner and Ross Chandler? You would think they would come back for Palmer's funeral. The sad event will take place on April 19th....So Tad has another kid, who didn't see this coming? And what about his Mom? In a recent interview with Carmen Thomas-Paris who played Hillary Wilson she says she would love to make a return but alias she hasn't been asked. If TPTB had any brains they would bring back Hillary to add more turmoil to this story

AS THE WORLD TURNS: While it has been rumored that  Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer (Gwen and Will are returning to ATWT, not so says Telenextmedia. When I asked about this so called return all they had to say is that nothing has been confirmed. But we all know what that means....Look for Henry to get quite a surprise when Vienna has a shocker that will knock Henry's socks off....Is it the end of the road for Noah and Luke? Seems so when Noah leaves town and breaks up with Luke so that the good Dr could possible cure him, but what of Luke, will he find another to lean on in his time of sadness? Stay tuned my dears, stranger things have happen!!!.....Parker starts to have his doubts about Craig and starts to becomes very suspicious.

BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Tip ties the knot soon in a beautiful ceremony that of course will be filled with a few pitfalls. Look for Ridge to make an elegant if not amusing speech to the happy couple and I'm told that this speech is going to signal the end of any possibilities of a Tridge reunion and strengthen the bonds of Bridge. Taylor and Whip's wedding will come with a few little comedic activities itself......Look for poor little Hope who wants her cake and eat it too with Oliver get a little, well, cake on herself when she and Steffy get into it again.......Think Nicket and Jowen are two of the most boring couples you've ever seen? So do tons of other viewers, and despite the strong objections of at least one of the four actors/actresses involved, plans are being laid down to bring some serious upheaval to Jowen and possibly end their marriage.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Those of you assuming that DA Claire Walsh is for Sonny, can lay that rumor to rest. While TPTB love this girl and I have to admit she is doing a great job. I hate her almost as much if not more then I hated Stacy on OLTL sources are saying that after the trial she is supposed to be gone but that could change as things always do if the audience has a good response to her.....With the recent announcement that Brook Lynn will be returning "the real" Brook, will Daddy and Mommy follow? Wally is currently on Days and Rena Sofer has just landed a prime time gig so hope for the originals are slim and next to none. Recasts perhaps?.....With so many members of the Q's returning I would not be surprised to see Dillon return as well. With Clifton's recent firing over at OLTL would Frons let one of his favorites go? Could be since ABC made no effort to keep Eden Riegel at AMC.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Fans are in a turmoil with the recent bloodbath over in Llanview, recently let go are Daphnee Duplaix, Brett Claywell, Scott Evans, Scott Clifton, and that's just in the last few weeks! Let's not forget John Brotherton, Kathy Brier, Chris Stack, A Martinez, Crystal Hunt, BethAnn Bonner, and the recent recurring status of Austin Williams. What are TPTB thinking? Now rumor is circulating all over the net that Florencia Lozano has been let go now that Gina Tognoni has arrived, but not so says ABC. Guess we will just have to wait and see.....Can someone tell me where David Vickers went? He came back to Llanview but where has he been hiding? Insiders say we will see David pop up when he blackmails Kim into leaving Clint. With Amanda Setton not accepting a contract this seems to be the obvious way for Andrews to leave the canvas.....What this I hear......What other secret is Roxy keeping that has her so freaked out?

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: There has occasionally been mention of the masquerade ball that is held in GC to raise money for various charities. And as we viewers know there has not been a masquerade ball shown on screen since the early nineties, but that is all going to change in 2010 when the Ball comes back to Genoa....Will Adam be the one who realizes Patty is Emily? Yes indeed, and will Adam blackmail her into writing a report that exonerates him? Hmmmm.... Don't you just love it, the insane "treating" the insane. What about the guy Adam met in the hamburger joint who was so appreciative for something, but what???.....Rumors are swirling that Adrienne Frantz is leaving and will soon be back on Y&Rís sister sudser BB. Deacon Kanan who plays Deacon, who is currently in prison, might be right behind her. What I find interesting is that Bill Bell's comment in SOD said he would like Amber back on B&B and would trade one of the current characters on B&B for her. Will Brad Carlton rise from the dead?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: A slew of returns are in the works, most of them for the planned tribute to the late Frances Reid and her character, Alice Horton. Expect to see Roark Crtichlow (Mike), Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Charles Shaughnessy (Shane), Patsy Pease (Kimberly), Arleen Sorkin (Calliope), Lisa Trusel (Melissa), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Maree Cheatham (Marie) among the returnees. As for Matt Ashford (Jack) he is currently in the cast of Mamma Mia! for it's North American tour which runs until the middle of June, and as for Stephen Nichols (Steve) he is currently on Y&R. So don't expect these two to return.....And this is way behind stupid, according to Deidre Hall (Marlena), she has not yet been asked to return. Excuse me?....Carly and Melanie come to the aid of an injured Daniel..... Adrienne is taken aback when she realizes that Hope brought her to Salem under false pretenses.

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